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State Advisory Committee Reports

The findings and recommendations contained in these reports are the views of a majority of the members of the state advisory committees that produced them and do not necessarily represent the views of the Commission, its individual members, nor the policies of the United States government.

Civil Rights and Voting in Illinois

Fees and Fines and Bail Reform in Maryland

Hate Crime and Civil Rights in Wisconsin

Voting Integrity in California

City Services and the Justice System: Do Korean American Storeowners in Baltimore, Maryland, Get Equal Treatment? (PDF) (July 2004)

Civil Rights Implications of Post-September 11 Law Enforcement Practices in New York | PDF (March 2004)

Coping with Police Misconduct in West Virginia (January 2004)

Minneapolis - St. Paul News Coverage of Minority Communities | PDF (December 2003)

Racial Harassment in Vermont Public Schools: A Progress Report | PDF (October 2003)

Civil Rights Concerns in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Area in the Aftermath of the September 11, 2001, Tragedies | PDF (June 2003)

Civil Rights Issues in West Virginia | PDF (May 2003)

Arab and Muslim Civil Rights Issues in the Chicago Metropolitan Area Post-September 11 | PDF (May 2003)

The Grand Junction Report: Issues of Equality in the Mesa Valley | PDF (April 2003)

Barriers Facing Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses in Pennsylvania | PDF (August 2002)

Race Relations in Waterloo (June  2002)

Racism's Frontier: The Untold Story of Discrimination and Division in Alaska | PDF (April 2002)

Equal Educational Opportunity for Native American Students in Montana Public Schools (July 2001)

Reconciliation at a Crossroads: The Implications of the Apology Resolution and Rice v. Cayetano for Federal and State Programs Benefiting Native Hawaiians | PDF (June 2001)

Race Relations and Des Moines’ New Immigrants (May 2001)

Civil Rights Issues Facing Arab Americans in Michigan (May 2001)

The Decision to Prosecute Drug Offenders and Homicides in Marion County, Indiana (April 2001)

Community Forum on Race Relations in Racine County, Wisconsin (March 2001)

Who Is Enforcing Civil Rights in Arkansas: Is There a Need for a State Civil Rights Agency? (February  2001)

The Status of Equal Opportunity for Minorities in Moorhead, Minnesota (January 2001)

Community Concerns About Law Enforcement in Sonoma County (May 2000)

Equal Educational Opportunity for Hispanic Students in the Oklahoma City Public Schools (May 2000)

Unequal Justice: African Americans in the Virginia Criminal Justice System (April 2000)

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996: An Examination of its Impact on Legal Immigrants and Refugees in Rhode Island (March 2000)

Employment Opportunities for Minorities in Montgomery County, Ohio (March 2000)

Native Americans in South Dakota: An Erosion of Confidence in the Justice System (March 2000)

Employment Rehabilitation Services in Michigan (March 2000)

Civil Rights Enforcement Efforts in North Dakota (November 1999)

Equal Housing Opportunities in New York: An Evaluation of Section 8 Housing Programs in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse (October 1999)

Racial Harassment in Vermont Public Schools (February 1999)

Civil Rights Issues Facing the Blind and Visually Impaired in Illinois (June 1999)

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